Check you Systems' Size

Now and then you will need to check how the disk space required by a certain program system on your PC. For example, how many GB is the operating system requiring ? Or how many MB or GB is my MusicMatch Jukebox ? I'm planning to buy a laptop computer, which size a hard disk should I choose ?

These and many other disk related questions may now be solved using the freeware System Size program. This snapshot of the program explains how it works :

First choose your disk if you have several partitions. Then, in the Start Directory choose the root directory where your system resides (In the example, WINNT on C: is chosen because we want to find out the size of the operating system).

Next click the Find button and wait for the SysSize program to map all files and their sizes.

The system's size is finally shown to the left of the Start button. In this case it shows that Windows is occupying 1.27 GB of the disk.

The Include Subdirs check mark should be left checked so that the program can map all subdirectories. If left unchecked, only the size of the chosen folder will be shown.

The Expand All checkmark is provided so you can easily expand all the folders in the folders treeview in one operation.

This program is a freeware program. To download it you will have to go to the dedicated download server where you have fill in your email address and get a download password. Once you have received your download password, copy it from your email program and paste it to the download server's password edit box. After these two simple steps you can choose which program to download from the list. No special installation is required, just copy it to a folder of your own choice in your PC.

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July 19, 2003