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develops customer specified programs for Windows and Linux platforms, and for Novell networks.
These computer programs are categorised into

  • Workstation (client) programs for Windows and Linux
  • Client / Server programs for Windows and Linux
  • Web applications for Apache servers (Windows and Linux)
  • Web applications for client applications

All programs can communicate with different types of databases, like BDE, Access, local flat files, Paradox, Oracle, Sybase, etc.
Application targets are general trades, technical applications (measuring, controlling and more) and utilities,

  • Transport and logistics
  • Hotels, restaurants, catering
  • Shipping
  • Industrial applications and production managment
  • Management and Managment Science
  • Statistics and statistical applications

CompuLab now has some capacity to take on new projects
Send an email if you wish to receive information, our terms and fees


These pages and applications are developed as samples. These pages are in Norwegian but ought to be fairly easy to use.

  • Web colours. An online example of how to generate data on the fly.  This page shows web colours and their hexadecimal colour codes, including the old fashioned web safe colours
  • Loan calculator / investment calculator. See what you have to pay for a loan or mortgage, given your interest rate, and number of terms.
Please also check the download page.

Updated September 26, 2003